Regular Programmes

Mission Immersion Programme

The centre offers a mission immersion programme for priests/ seminarians/ religious/ faithful from anywhere in India. The two weeks package is organized in such a way that it does not dwell upon a mere recreational or cognitive level but covers a wide range of ground level missionary outreach.

Mission Seminars

The centre hosts two Seminars in the months of October and April with the exclusive focus on approaches in mission, pastoral and social challenges of the mission, trends in mission theology, etc. It targets particularly priests, religious and seminarians who are willing to work in the mission areas or to draw some experience on the North Indian mission. Reputed scholars at the national and international level will serve as resource persons for these seminars.

Faith Animation Retreats

Faith animation retreats are organised once in two months for the families of the various parishes. Nurturing the Catholic families in traditional faith is the objective of these resident programmes lasting for three days.

Youth Empowerment Programmes

Youth animation sessions lasting for four days are organised in alternative months for the youth of the various catholic parishes. These sessions consisting of inputs, workshops, prayer meetings and field exposures are envisaged to deepen the catholic faith and value system of the young population among our faithful.

Retreats on Mission Spirituality

Annual Retreats are organised for priests and nuns in the month of October every year. The approach and focus will be the translation of the traditional themes of spirituality in the mission context. The Spirituality of St. Therse – Doctor of the Church and Patroness of the Universal Mission - will be a major focus of these retreats. These themes are most suited for the beginners in missionary work as well as for the experienced heads in mission areas for renewing and refreshing their commitment.

Teachers’ Workshops

The Little Flower Education Society itself employs over 1500 teachers catering to over 35000 students in 24 schools in Punjab and Rajasthan. Shaping the vision of these teachers is the right direction towards the promotion of peace and justice who in turn will influence the value system of the students. This is the typical focus of orientation programmes envisaged for teachers. Value-based education, Holistic Education, Educational Psychology and Philosophy, Teaching Skills, Classroom management, etc., are the major contents of these workshops targeting the teachers. These two-day workshops are organised for teachers every month on a rotation basis without interrupting the teaching curriculum of the schools.

Pathways to Success Workshops

Pathways to Success is a 2–3-day life-coaching workshop targeting the aspiring students of higher classes in schools and colleges. It enables students to set goals, build resilience, self-confidence and create a strategy to creating success in their life. This programme enables students to take time for themselves and look at what they want from their life. Throughout the workshop, we will look at ways to create clear and effective goals, develop strategies to maintain motivation and inspire the students to make positive changes in your life. Psychological motivation for study, practical tips for greater effectiveness, hard work and application to study, attitudinal changes to life, etc., are some of the concrete impacts envisaged from these sessions.

Programmes on Floating Schedule

In addition to the regular resident programmes, the centre will provide to the needs of the various visiting teams according to their need and schedule. The resource persons and faculty of the centre will be made available upon prior notice. The focus of such programmes includes the following:

  • Retreats for priests, nuns, and seminarians
  • Affective maturity and psycho-spiritual integration
  • Refresher courses
  • Updates on Pastoral and Mission Theology
  • Social work orientations
  • Field exposures

CPP & CTP for Seminarians

The centre organises short-term mission exposure programmes for theology and philosophy students especially for Seminarians from South India. Along with offering related courses of the formal seminary curriculum at the Centre by the qualified personnel, seminarians are taken to actual pastoral and social field for direct experience exposing them to the actual culture, belief systems, practices, values, and mythos of the area. Accompanied by the staff, the seminarians are introduced to “doing” philosophy or theology from the realities and experiences they are exposed to. Popular Hinduism, Sikhism, Religious pluralism, Philosophy of Culture, Theology of Mission, Contextual Theology, Indian Christian Theology, etc., are some of the courses and programmes found to be more rewarding in this context. The duration of these programmes could from 2 weeks to two months.

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